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Private Health Insurance Policies – Affordable Benefits

Private health insurance has a number of benefits, allowing patients to receive medical attention and treatment in a quicker, more comfortable and more effective fashion.

Benefits of Private Insurance Policies

Private insurance policies offer the policy holders a number of advantages over the NHS:

  • Waiting times are much shorter with a private insurance;
  • In some cases, private insurance policies restrict the treatment of certain illnesses to certain hospitals, but they still offer the policy holder a multitude of choices both when it comes to the doctor and in terms of the hospital;
  • Holders of private insurance policies can choose to spend their hospitalization a private ward, what’s more, they can even benefit from an en-suite bathroom, depending on the type of the private insurance coverage;
  • Visiting hours are unlimited in the case of patients with a private insurance, so you won’t have to spend long hours alone in your ward while your family and friends are waiting outside, eager to come in.

When you get your private insurance, make sure you read the proposed contract very carefully – the most important aspects, apart from the price, are coverage for the health conditions you want to include and the hospitals you can turn; if you pay attention to have everything included, you can rest assured you will be benefit from the best treatment if need be.

Other Features of Private Health Insurance Policies

While most UK residents are entitled to free medical care, the network of the NHS is overburdened – that’s why many people choose to get an additional, private health insurance that will offer them timelier medical treatment and access to more facilities.

These private insurance policies work based on the same principles as other types of policies: the amount of coverage will depend on the price you pay. You can choose to have a basic private medical insurance that will cover day-care surgical interventions and the costs of in-patient treatments, but you can also choose more extensive coverage to include out-patient treatments as well.

What you must also know about private medical insurance policies is that there is a set of medical conditions that they don’t cover – or at least not typically. These conditions include illnesses pre-existing to taking out the policy, chronic illnesses such as HIV, the costs related to normal pregnancies, organ transplants, injuries resulting from doing extreme sports and plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes.

If you can find coverage for the type of physical conditions you are suffering for and you are looking for a way to benefit from medical treatments without long waiting times, private health insurance policies such as those found on are great solutions, so you can start looking for the right policy right away.